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PhenomApp is an Android application for collecting plant phenotypes in the field using tablets and smart phones. The application is used by plant breeders, agronomists and scientists to record plants observations & images in the field (may be it open-field, greenhouse, nursery etc).

PhenomApp boosts efficiency and productivity of collecting and characterizing plant observations. It replaces the traditional method of pen and paper, saving time, reducing typing errors, matching images to traits data and enables browsing previous information for better decision making.


  • Record phenotypes digitally. Save time, prevent typing errors and help organize your data
  • Take in-app images which are automatically matched to each plant / plot
  • Upload observations from your mobile device directly into excel worksheet on your computer
  • The application works offline, so you are not dependent on Internet connection
  • Use the application on any Android enabled device, you do not need to purchase nor you are restricted to any specific hardware
  • Free basic features app
  • Users report that after the transition from the pen & paper method to PhenomApp, the amount of collected data and images increased significantly

Quick demonstration

To get started its is recommended to follow this short presentation:

PhenomApp movie

Here is an introductory movie:

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